Three Ways To Use Online Social Tools To Keep Kids Healthy – Internet Based Exercise Motivation

Three Ways To Use Online Social Tools To Keep Kids Healthy – Internet Based Exercise Motivation

One of the hardest difficulties a parent has in current times is keeping their children motivated to stay active and healthy.  The internet is an amazing family asset and a fantastic place to find a wide range of positive social tools yet it is also overflowing with distractions that can leave kids lethargic and glued to their computer screens.  The incredible part about our Benzoy product is that it empowers parents and guardians with the ability to communicate with their families in a positive light.  It encourages the initiatives of playing outdoors and guides on how to invest quality time and energy into the activities that can keep us healthy and happy.  So what are some of the ways we can use online social tools to motivate the youth to keep on top of fun ways to workout like the ones seen in these CIZE reviews?  While each parent will have their own unique approach for helping their families stay fit lets investigate a couple of our favorite ways to use the social world wide web to assist kids in keeping them on the right track when it comes to staying active.

Social Platform Health Encouragement Idea Number One – Make It A Contest or Game

Lets face it most kids do not look at working out as having fun.  While we do not believe that kids should be hitting the gym like adults do we do believe they should be participating in games and sports that do encourage a healthy lifestyle.  If the kids are spending too much time online socially you can turn these types of tools in your favor by making a contest or game out of the situation.  Offers prizes and rewards for those that complete the most exercise tasks and then sit back and watch results rise.

Social Platform Health Encouragement Idea Number Two – Keep A Schedule and Social Accountability

If the kids want to spend all day on the internet you can encourage them not to do so by making them keep an online schedule for their offline activities.  This can serve as a great reminder when they are constantly online that they do have non Internet related responsibilities that require being outside or working on  physical activity skills.  If they are not following the schedule you have set for them correctly then you can make notes for them on their social apps that reinforce what the consequences will be if their behavior keeps up.  This can be an ideal way to constantly instill exercise as an important  part of the daily routine.

Social Platform Health Encouragement Idea Number Three – Track Progress

Its been well documented that progress and results can be wonderful incentives to carry on with any life goal or journey and this is no different for when it comes to physical activity.  Choose exercises for your kids where they track and see their improvements and use the social tools they use to monitor their progression.  When kids can actually see how much they are improving through stats and facts online they will be more willing to continue on a path of exercise success and that is the ultimate goal here.  What are some of the ways you feel online social tools can help create a positive and inviting atmosphere to promote physical activities?

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