The Internet Is Not Always A Place For Kids – Top Topics Online Benzoy Lets You Monitor and Control

The Internet Is Not Always A Place For Kids – Top Topics Online Benzoy Lets You Monitor and Control

internetOne of the toughest challenges a parent has these days is keeping their children protected from the many adult related topics online.  The internet is a great family resource and a wonderful place to discover all types of knowledge but it also filled with lots of grown up material that should not be accessible to kids.  The great part about Benzoy is it allows parent and guardians to screen, monitor and control what their children can view on the internet.  It encourages playing outdoors and teaches how to spend quality time on the world wide web while surfing the net responsibly.  So what are some of the subjects that we as parents should be thinking about when it comes to our kids online habits.  While every parent will a different set of rules and age restrictions for their families lets take a look at a few of our favorite online filters that can better assist and helping protect our kids from the dangers and perils of the online environment.

Internet Filter of Focus For Your Child Example #1: Smoking Products

From cigarettes, to tobacco, to a vaporizer pen to even thing like illegal drugs there is a lot to be concerned about when it comes to watching what your kids can get their hands on when it comes to online shopping.  Places like the dark shopping net are very scary for parents.  In reality most smoking, tobacco and even healthy products like a best vape pen are completely legal if of course you are the right age.  Everyone has the right to choose what they want to do with their bodies when its legal and of age but until then its our job as parents to assure our children comply with the law and this one way to start doing so.

Internet Filter of Focus For Your Child Example #2: Firearms and Weapons

Again here we need to be worried about a topic that is completely legal for consenting and approved adults.  Even in many communities it is perfectly normal for kids to own guns and hunting and shooting practice is widely encouraged.  Given all this it still does not mean we should let our children have access to the many gun and weapons sites online.  Its really aout encouraging and cultivating safe and responsible while under adult supervision and while not.  By monitoring and restricting your child’s internet usuage you put yourself in a much better position as a parent to help your family build a strong character and valuable decision making skills.  Guns and other weapons

Internet Filter of Focus For Your Child Example #3: Talking To Strangers

One of the best aspects of our online monitoring programs is that its an expert partner to have when trying to control who your kids talk to online.  There are so many dangerous people and child predators lurking online through the chat channels that is imperative as a parent to get a handle on this.  There are many keywords and signs that can be picked up by online technology these days there is really no reason why you should not catch anyone trying to contact your kids in an illicit manner.  The sad fact is adults use the internet to prey on children so lets take every tool and resource we have to stop this ugly side of humanity.  If you want to learn more please visit our other informational pages.

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