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My Events

Monthly Benzoy Events and Workshops

kids-playIn my humble opinion Benzoy is the ultimate solution in family time management. It encourages balance, an appreciation of nature, the importance of homework and study all while cultivating a commitment to taking part in family life? In search of new ways to help you protect your child from excessive online abuse? Think your kids spend too much time being social on the internet rather then in real life? This is my story on how I use Benzoy to better schedule chatting and internet time while maintaining the focus on family. If you are looking for a better, safer and more enjoyable online experience for the entire family then stay tuned into my Benzoy events and workshops..


Monthly Benzoy Event:

Each month I make every effort to host a live question and answer session on my blog about Benzoy. This is a great chance for new users of the program as well as my blog followers to join me for some lively discussions on all things parenting. Stay tuned for scheduling as it changes each month.

Monthly Benzoy Workshops:

My Benzoy workshops are usually one off seminars that focus on a specific parenting topic as related to Benzoy. I try to breakdown a topic and then show how Benzoy may be of assistance in resolving some of family difficulties we face in the age of technology. Its the perfect chance to see Benzoy in action!

If you have any recommendations for other Benzoy content you would like to see do not hesitate to get a hold of me through my contact page.